Barbarian Meets Coding: Teaser #3 and Updates


I have been working on these days amongst other projects and I have some new teasers! Yuhu! I still have some few things to do before I publish the website:

  • Add support for comments
  • Authentication and Authorization stuff
  • Security, Anti Cross Site Scripting, Anti Forgery, Captchas…
  • Drop some more jQuery Awesomeness
  • Add support for pages other that blogPosts

The idea is to finish this very basic requirements, test it here and there, and then go fixing, changing and improving stuff on the run. I’m definitely positive that I’ll finish by the end of the week ;P.

So, here you can see how a single blog post detail is going to look like:

Blog Post Detail View

… and what we can call, with respect to all admin-views/dashboards and forms in the whole wide world, an admin view and the ‘Create new blog post’ form.

Admin View when Adding a Blog Post


~ by Jaime on October 26, 2010.

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