[Remember] – Firefly at Dragon Con 2008, Hi-larious

Some days ago I had one of those nights when, for no apparent reason you just cannot fall asleep. I was there, lying, thinking about the mysteries of the universe and after changing my position in bed for the 100th time I thought to myself: “let’s go do something productive, have a nice warm cup of Oboy and after that I’m sure I’ll fall asleep easily”.

Well, I do not know what possible relation is there between “do something productive” and watching videos in YouTube but that was what I ended up doing ^_^. So, to the point! I was watching some Chuck videos when I randomly stumbled upon this jewel DragonCon Firefly board with Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin. It was freaking hilarious! A must-see for any firefly fan:

Go Browncoats! No power in the ‘verse can stop us!


~ by Jaime on October 21, 2010.

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