So… Windows Phone 7 is Finally Here….

So, finally, Windows Phone 7 has been released, and we have all kind of opinions, but generally, it looks like people is gonna like it. Apple and Google… is it time to tremble?

It’s almost 2011, and anything is plausible, but what I saw yesterday left me with a number of doubts. Windows Phone 7 has likely the best user interface ever seen on a phone, but when it comes to devices that people depend on as heavily as their phones, function will always beat form. Every device that I handled had difficulty launching applications. The pervasiveness of this issue indicates something systemic (i.e. Windows Phone 7) and probably not hardware related.

Blake Robinson – Mashable

I haven’t tested or extensively used any single Windows Phone 7 device yet. But I have used a few different ones a number of times over the past few months. My initial reaction? Impressed. I think my initial audible reaction was: “wow, I already like this better than Android.”

MG Siegle – TechCrunch

Develop for WP7 or for Android? What will it be?


~ by Jaime on October 12, 2010.

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