New Website Coming Soon To Your Screens!

Ey People! I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of my new supercool ASP.NET MVC website! It is going to be powered by the brand new vinCMS …hmm… CMS (Isn’t that an original name for a CMS?). I have finished the infraestructure with DI, EF4 POCOs, a groovy design and the rest should be piece of cake. I just have to tweek some things here and there, put some CSS and jQuery into place and voilá!

Here is a sneak peek of how it looks right now:

Website First Draft

And you’ll say… eh… Jaime… that’s not very cool, it’s just some letters in the screen. Yeah… but the cool stuff is happening b e h i n d, with a flexible, nice looking, loosely coupled design.


~ by Jaime on October 12, 2010.

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