Learning Silverlight: 3 Free Resources You May Want to Take a Look at

Microsoft Silverlight Logo
Silverlight is a development platform by Microsoft whose purpose is to create rich and engaging applications for desktop, mobile and web environments. There have been some heated discussions lately about the future of Silverlight being threatened by the new improved capabilities of HTML5, so I thought it would be interesting to write a little bit about it.

Of course, Microsoft has rushed to support Silverlight role in the future of web development and also software development from a broader point of view. In The Future of Silverligh, Brad Becker makes some strong statements about the future role of Silverlight and its co-existence with HTML standards, closing with the following paragraph:

Expect to see more from Silverlight in these areas especially in our focus scenarios of high-quality media experiences, consumer apps and games, and business apps.

When you invest in learning Silverlight, you get the ability to do any kind of development from business to entertainment across screens from browser to mobile to living room, for fun, profit, or both. And best of all, you can start today and target the 600,000,000 desktops and devices that have Silverlight installed.

If you are already a .NET developer you may want to consider including Silverlight in your developing toolbox. In that case you may want to take a look at the following free resources:

Learning Silverlight in 5 Days Series

Learning Silverlight in 5 Days is a set of tutorials where you will learn the very basics of Silverlight and Expression Studio. Expression Studio comprises a set of tools that will allow you to develop applications in Silverlight (where you will be mainly using Expression Blend Silverlight/WPF IDE).

Microsoft Design .toolbox

Microsoft Design .toolbox is a powerful free resource for Silverlight development where you will find both practical application tutorials and also a lot of information about design principles. The main goal: to increase your knowledge on Silverlight and pair your design skills with your development skills.

Project Rosetta. From Flash to Silverlight

Finally, if you have a Flash background and wish to make your transition to Silverlight as swiftly and painless as possible, you might want to take a look at Project Rosetta. Here, you will find a lot of information about how to take advantage of your Flash knowledge in a Silverlight environment

So get Started! and Get your free 60-day trial of Expression Studio Ultimate!


~ by Jaime on September 21, 2010.

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