Brandon Sanderson and The Gathering SToRm

How huge was my surprise yesterday when I go to check my email and I read I have an incoming email from… Brandon Sanderson… blink, blink… Brandon Sanderson…omg


Thanks so much for writing me. I apologize that this response is so late in coming. I’ve been very backed up on email and getting back to people has taken a lot longer than I planned.

I’m glad you liked THE GATHERING STORM. I put a lot of work into it, but I was still worried I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. A great deal of the success of the book comes from the excellent notes that Robert Jordan left behind and the strength of the series up to this point—the depth of the worldbuilding and the characters. I do appreciate hearing that I’m on the right course. I hope I can make the next two books turn out as well.



p.s. This August I’m very excited to release THE WAY OF KINGS, the first book of my own multi-volume epic, The Stormlight Archive. If you’d care to read a little more about it, here is the link:

How all this came about… Well, after over two years (yes, I am a late WOT reader) anxiously waiting for the 12th book of the series, IT was finally published. I bought it as soon as it was out through our friends of Amazon, and methaphorically ate it. It was… absolutely, definitely, tremendously awesome. So there i was… in that cloud of awesomeness, marvelled by the reading of that masterpiece… and i thought, i have to tell this guy: he has made my day, he has made a flawless job and he has really honored Robert Jordan. And so… I did it.

Well, all of this reminds me I should write a post about The Wheel Of Time, and perhaps get someone more to read what I consider to be the best epic fantasy novels ever written.

All Hail Robert Jordan!
All Hail Brandon Sanderson!

P.S. We should really give a try to The Way Of Kings ; )


~ by Jaime on May 12, 2010.

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