Web Apps for everybody and for everything


Lately i’ve been awed by the quantity and quality of the free web apps that can be found around the so-called internet cloud. I’ve thought it would be a nice idea to share my little knowledge, experience and insights of those that i’ve grown accostumed to use. Sit Tight…


Nirvana. GTD Sotware for Getting Things Done

One of the first things that struck me after i started my career in the world of labour is how little time you have to spare, how few time for leisure, joy or self-enlightment  – with this i’m actually refering to reading and learning new stuff –  is left for you to organize after work. GTD a.k.a. “Getting Things Done” seemed as good as any other planning method to put my To-Do’s into place, and one of the things I lacked from the very beginning was a good application to put the system into practice. That was when Nirvana made its appearance: after trying some desktop applications I stumbled over this gorgeous web application. Simple, good-looking but yet complete with everything you need to deal with GTD.


Well, when you don’t earn a big amount of money you really need to keep track of how much goes in and how much goes out otherwise you’ll find yourself in a pretty uncomfortable situation. Money Trackin’ is a very simple application that lets you keep your expenses in check, by updating the money movements of your accounts. You can manage as many accounts as your heart desires, classify your expendings with tags, display graphs and share your budgets in a collaborative way with friends or family. Moreover, it has a social-media side to it, where users share their tips and practical knowledge in how to make your salary last longer. Pretty nice application if you are looking for a simple yet wothwhile program to control your accounting.

Pivotal Tracker

A “Free Lightweight Agile Project Management & Team Collaboration”. This one here was brought to my attention by my colleage Victor and I have to say that it is a superb tool for managing collaborative projects. Scrum savvy or not, it provides a great framework for planning tasks among members of a development team, overseeing project progress in real time and estimating release dates based on previous work. Big ‘R’ of Recommended.


Finally, we get to Giffly. Have you ever found yourself in dire need of building a diagram/flow-chart but your Systems Department had been too lazy to put Visio in you computer? (I’m sure most of us have been in this very situation at least once). Ok, DO NOT freak out, stay calm because your prays have been answered with Giffly.

Well, well, hope the next post comes sooner than this first one ^^


~ by Jaime on April 2, 2010.

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